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How do you select the companies raising on SeedBlink?

The four stages of the SeedBlinks vetting procedure are as follows: 


  • First contact: The investment team at SeedBlink makes initial contact with an average of 200 companies monthly. 
  • Selection: The Funding Committee only approves less than 3% of the leads that meet strict criteria, such as having a unique product that is hard to replicate, a scalable company strategy, growth aspirations, and substantial target markets. 
  • Funding committee: The startup is presented to SeedBlink’s senior investment committee for a final decision, a panel of experts from various fields, including technology, finance, product, marketing, and international sales. 
  • Due diligence: A variety of quality checks are performed, moving through legal, financial, and commercial aspects. 
  • Service Agreement: SeedBlink and the startup sign a Service Agreement on the same terms with the VCs and at the same valuation.  
  • Fundraising: After the Service Agreement is signed, SeedBlink introduces the startup as an investment opportunity. 

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