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What is the process for a seller?

Access early liquidity through SeedBlink Secondary Market and sell the shares you now possess from your SeedBlink portfolio. Choose a business where you have assets, specify your offer (including the number of shares to be sold and the price per share), and publish it. Your offer will be made public to verified potential buyers after first being made known to the investors who supported the same company as you.

You'll start receiving offers from potential buyers. Once an offer is received and analysed, it must be accepted, rejected, or countered with an offer until a desirable agreement is achieved. These actions are not time-sensitive and may be carried out until a secondary market event. 

For a month, quarterly secondary market events take place. The required payments will be made during this month, and all contracts must be signed by the sellers and buyers. Each party will see the transaction in their own portfolios following a secondary market event. 

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