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When can I access the secondary market, and what are the stages?

There are two stages in the SeedBlink Secondary Market.

First stage: Intention & negotiation
  • The bulletin board is accessible around-the-clock and without any time restrictions.
  • Sellers who want to access liquidity through the secondary market may post an offer at any moment.
  • Buyers can access such offers in real-time and indicate interest.
  • In the first phase, negotiations will take place, and a final agreement may be reached.
  • The platform will generate the assignment agreement when both parties have accepted an offer, which needs to be signed by both. 

Second stage: Secondary Market Even
  • At the end of each quarter, a secondary market event takes place for one month.
  • During this time, the transfer between the buyer and seller will be finalized. Payments will also be made, and the last set of paperwork will be signed.
  • The next event will be used to close any offers that were not finalized during the secondary market event.

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