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What documents will I receive to certify the transaction for tax purposes?

Once the campaign is over, the incorporation process for the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) will start. For each project, we incorporate an SPV that only has one purpose - to realize the investment. The investors will become direct shareholders of this SPV and indirect shareholders in the startup's cap table. To incorporate this SPV, you will have to sign the Articles of Incorporation of the SPV.

For companies, it is also required to send us a Sole Shareholder Decision (if the company has only one shareholder) or a General Meeting Resolution (if the company has two or more shareholders) signed.  

The Articles of Incorporation and the Sole Shareholder Decision/General meeting Resolution will certify the transfer of the investment from your company to the SPV. Further, the SPV will have to sign also a General Meeting Resolution to approve the transfer from the SPV to the startup. 

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