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What are the methods in which one can obtain the fiscal record certificate?

Physical issue of the document: If the paper's physical copy is wanted, it can be obtained from the ANAF counters with the necessity of presenting your ID card.  


Virtual issue of the document from the "Spațiul Privat Virtual ANAF " (Virtual Private Space): A new feature of the SPV appeared in 2020, allowing one to obtain the fiscal record online. The first step for obtaining this certificate involves registration in the VPS by accessing, section “Înregistrare în Spațiul Privat Virtual” (Registration into the Private Virtual Space). Fill in the user's data in the web form displayed. At this stage, to get the account approved, the user will have to choose between the following four options: verifying the document number, verifying the decision registration number, visual identification, scheduling an online meeting on Zoom, or over-the-counter account activation. If everything is in order and you have completed all the necessary steps and details, your registration in the VPS will be approved. Confirmation will be received on the email address that was provided in the registration process.  


After creating an account on the VPS, the request of the fiscal record certificate is sent through the section: “Solicitări / Eliberare Documente / Certificat de Cazier Fiscal” (Requests / Issuance of Documents / Certificate of fiscal record”) by selecting the personal identification number or the tax identification number for which the certificate is issued, mentioning the reason for the request. The financial record will be found in the "Mesaje" (Messages) section. 


For more detailed information for registering as an individual, please access

For more detailed information for registering as a legal entityplease access

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