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How does SeedBlink work?

We conceived the platform as a complete application dedicated to investors and accessible to startups needing funding.  


  • Step 1: Raising financing  

To receive funding, a startup must have an active campaign on the SeedBlink platform.  

So, if you have a startup, you will need to create an account, fill in your profile and then wait until SeedBlink contacts you for a discussion, which will decide if equity crowdfunding is the solution for funding your startup.  

Once the startup has proved that it meets the eligibility criteria, the next step is to complete a form with all the necessary information for the public. The startup will make known, in a transparent manner, both current performance and future development plans. It is essential that the investor has access to all information, including the value of the startup, the capitalization table, and is aware of any potential risks involved.  


  • Step 2: Evaluation process  

The evaluation phase is the direct result of negotiations between startups and investors. SeedBlink does not influence this process since the assessment is primarily subjective.  


  • Step 3: Investment  

Once the investor has read and analyzed vital information about your startup, such as the development plan and the financial forecast, it will decide whether to invest.  

In this step, if the answer from the investor is positive, it will start a process to legalize the decision it has taken. If the entire amount required for the investment is completed, the campaign will be closed, and the documents will be issued and signed. SeedBlink takes care of all bureaucratic issues.  

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