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What are the fees for an investor?

We offer a tiered fee structure designed to accommodate investors of varying levels, General and Elite or Club members, and tailored to different types of investment rounds. All fees (access fee, trust fee for the first year) are prepaid, except the success fee, which is only paid at the time of a realised return (i.e. exit, selling the shares). An investor will have the following costs when investing through SeedBlink on Nominee as an operational model:  

  • Access fee (out of the invested amount, by stage, one-off fee):
    • Community Stars: 0,5%
    • Syndicate: 0,5% - 1%
    • VC-backed: 1 - 2,5% (General) / 0,8% - 2% (Elite / Club)
  • Nominee fee (out of the invested amount, yearly paid, up to 5 years):
    • Community Stars: 1,5%
    • Syndicate: 1,5%
    • VC-backed: 1,5%
  • Success fee (out of the realised return):
    • Community Stars: 7%
    • Syndicate: 7,5%
    • VC-backed: 12% (General) / 10% (Elite/Club)

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