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What are the benefits for an investor?

Investors do not need to worry about administering their investments. We want our investors to receive the most efficient and professional investment process 


Investing through a Nominee structure on the SeedBlink platform has the following advantages over investing through an SPV: 

  • Direct ownership - Unlike legal ownership, investors have direct beneficial ownership of shares in the target company. 
  • Lower exit costs - You will have lower exit costs because the SPV will no longer pay capital gain tax. 
  • Less paperwork to worry about and fewer documents to sign. 
  • Faster process - 3 weeks to complete the investment and a more efficient process overall for future events. 
  • Online voting system - A digital voting system via the platform that replaces the need to sign GMS documents to make decisions in the target company. 
  • Streamlined Secondary transactions - Unlike the limited liability SPV, which required GMS to approve secondary transactions, there will be no need for this on Nominee, and there will be no additional transfer costs associated with the transaction. 
  • Confidentiality - Investors will benefit from complete confidentiality thanks to the Nominee structure, as their names, identification data, and invested amounts will not be visible to the other shareholders. 

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