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How does the investment work?

After signing up on our platform, you will receive a confirmation email, and then you will be taken through the onboarding process. To view the documents and the financials of a specific startup and to be able to invest, all these steps need to be completed: signing up, completing all required contact details, verifying your identity and filling in the form stating your investor type. 

In the section allocated to the startup you are interested in, choose the desired campaign and click the “Invest” button. You will receive an email containing all the details about the next steps and having the Agreement attached. You have four days to consider your final decision. If you want to go on and invest in that campaign, you’ll need to send the signed Agreement within this time interval. Also, we recommend you check your fiscal record to avoid any delay.


When the campaign is over, we have a short period of reconciliation during which we collect the final decisions from the registered investors. Afterwards, you will receive the SPV’s incorporation documents (Articles of Incorporation and the Statement) by email. From the moment you receive this email, you will have three days to sign these documents. Any investment withdrawal after this step in the process will be penalized. 

After receiving all signed documents, a bank account will be opened on behalf of the SPV. You will have three days to wire the invested amount and the payment needed for covering the additional costs. The incorporation costs are 1.000 EUR for a limited company and 1.500 EUR for a joint-stock company (these costs will be calculated and divided pro-rata according to the final amount invested.). The operational cost is 1% of the invested amount per year and needs to be paid in advance for the first two years. The total amount should be transferred in lei, using the exchange rates communicated by the bank where the shared capital account will be open, on the date set in the Articles of Incorporation. 

Further on, the SPV documents will be submitted for approval to the Romanian Trade Registry. After issuing the incorporation documents, the investors and the SPV’s administrator will sign the investment documents. This is when the investment is considered finalized. 

Once the investment is signed off, you will be able to access all information and documents regarding your investment in the “My Portfolio” section. You will also receive quarterly reports about the development of the startups you invested in and will get access to the perks and programs offered by us. 

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