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What is the contribution of the parties involved?


  •  Finds and helps to fund quality startups with innovative ideas. 
  •  Provides mentoring services to accelerate the startups and their campaigns on the platform. 
  •  Actively promote ongoing campaigns. 
  •  Provide reports to investors from startups and constantly update the portfolio made available on the platform. 

 The startup 

  •  Receives funding from investors. 
  •  Submit the documents needed for obtaining financing. 
  •  Receive business advice from investors via SeedBlink. 
  •  Send regular quarterly reports. 
  •  Adopt corporate governance practices. 


 The investor 


  • Goes through the entire onboarding process.
  • Provides funding to startups after reading and acknowledging all risks involved. 
  •  Analyze and sign documents that our team offers and accept the processing of personal data. 
  •  Receive regular quarterly reports from startups. 
  •  Optionally, provides mentorship to startups. 

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