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What costs does the investment entail?

Joining SeedBlink is free of charge and investors only pay if they actually invest. We charge the fees after the signing of all investment-related documents. All fees (access and first-year management fees) are prepaid, while the performance one (carried interest) is only paid at the time of a return (i.e. exist, selling the shares). 

One-Off Access fee  

  • Deal sourcing & vetting (1500+ startups screened yearly).
  • Deal by deal access to VC led opportunities.
  • Over 100 hours of investment terms negotiation & due diligence with co-investors and startup.
  • Operational setup, maintenance and legal compliance of fiduciary structure.
  • Structuring and coordinating financing round together with institutional co-investors and startup to ensure a smooth closing of the fundraising.
  • KYC, digital onboarding and signature.
  • Investment proposal, investor calls and Q&A services.
  • Negotiation and legal review of final investment contracts.

Yearly Management (up to 5 years) 

  • SeedBlink Portfolio reporting – overview, success tracking, continuous updates.
  • Portfolio support – alumni meetups, mentoring, quarterly reports. 
  • Transfer services. 
  • Active portfolio value creation e.g. hiring support, client introductions, financing strategy, industry expert networking, discounted partner services. 
  • Ongoing regulatory and audit of structure. 
  • Investors and founders network access through community events and SeedBlink's platform. 
  • For follow-on rounds: calculating investor pro-rata, providing all startup reports and round information, investment execution (contracts and money wiring). 
  • Exit execution/dividend pay and distribution.  

Access here if you want see more details about SeedBlink's pricing and fees. 


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