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Why a user needs to go through an identity verification to invest on SeedBlink?

We want to have a process as transparent as possible, and our partnerships with Onfido is our way to enhance this fact. Through Onfido, a company can verify the customers’ identity by requiring a government-issued ID, checking if it’s fraudulent or not and comparing it against the user’s facial biometrics.  

From SeedBlink’s perspective, if a user goes through the identity verification process and has a “Verified Profile” (a tag that will appear in the section “Profile Settings” and that will also be confirmed on the email), we can be sure that the investment decision is a genuine one.  Also, through this, we aim to protect sensitive information about the campaigns and startups that will only be available to user’s who have a verified profile.   

From the user’s experience, a verified profile offers accessibility to the documents and the financials of that specific startup and campaign. Moreover, a user can only invest if their profile is fully completed – completing the additional data, type of investor and identity verification process.   

This process is beneficial both for investors and startups and enhances the transparency that we want to bring to our processes.   

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