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As a company available on the Secondary Market, where and when do I get involved in the process?

The Secondary Market was built to be outside your efforts, and SeedBlink's team handles all the processes end-to-end to make it as easy as possible for all founders involved. As this is a benefit for your investors, you could support and improve the process by: 

  • Keep your investors informed and give quarterly updates, which include your Secondary Market presence and performance. 
  • If you had a private round on SeedBlink's platform, automatically, you will have limited visibility on the Secondary Market, and only shareholders in your SPV(s) will have access to these details. At any point, you can opt-in to make your visibility on the bulletin board public to SeedBlink's more expansive pool of verified users.   
  • You will also receive quarterly updates from our team regarding the activity on the Secondary Market, so keep an eye on them to see the dynamic of your investors.

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